How will we do that?

We will create two PCEDs in our Lighthouse cities 

Lyon and Munich

To bolster the PCED concept, we engaged our six Multiplier cities: Porto, Charleroi, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Alba Iulia

Together, these cities cover a large diversity of districts such as city centres, urban outskirts, ageing residential areas, or industrial brownfields.

What are Positive Clean Energy Districts?

Positive Clean Energy Districts are the core of ASCEND. They consist of 5 pillars: Active citizenship, Zero-carbon frugal buildings, Smart energy grids, Decarbonised public spaces and mobility and Digital tools.  

All pillars revolve around an 'urban orchestrator’ - a public entity aggregating all components and services of a PCED - to implement long-lasting change at district level.    

In ASCEND, each pillar of the PCED will be connected to the urban orchestrator through a federating digital platform and a 'human network' gathering all local stakeholders.


PCED Cities