PCED Cities

Lighthouse Cities Lyon and Munich will demonstrate PCED solutions in two different urban settings. We will use the PCED scientific definition and measurement standard and go beyond by including the following dimensions: use and re-use of solutions, the inclusion of mobility and social components, and frugal, simple & easy-to-use solutions focusing on end-user needs. We will establish a trustworthy operator, the urban orchestrator, to ensure that performances can be maintained and improved in the long run.

Multiplier Cities

Our project creates a role of Multiplier Cities, committed to work on catalyst experimentations for PCEDs Alba Iulia (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Charleroi (Belgium), Prague (Czech Republic), Porto (Portugal), Stockholm (Sweden). We will establish operational synergies between the long-term city vision and the implementation of new PCEDs, both in LHCs and MCs to trigger a wave of PCEDs in the eight cities during the project life.