At the core of ASCEND lie our six Solution Packages. Building upon the successful approach implemented by previous SCC projects like SPARCS and Sharing Cities, we propose smart solutions as a comprehensive system consisting of integrated technical, social, infrastructure, business-related, and governance modules. When combined, these modules create a package that facilitates the implementation, replication, and scaling-up of solutions across diverse European cities.

Each Solution Package will be developed under the guidance of a coordinating entity: SP1 focuses on digital infrastructures and ICT tools supporting flexible energy systems and PCED; SP2 involves the deployment of energy communities and prosumer services; SP3 focuses on energy-efficient buildings integrating renewable energy sources and storage, including frugal solutions; SP4 centres around decarbonised mobility and freight, including frugal solutions; SP5 emphasises citizen-centred solutions and co-creation throughout the governance chain; and SP6 involves the role of the urban orchestrator.

Throughout the project, our goal will be to improve our SPs through scaling and replication. SPs will be developed in the two demonstrators and tested in the multiplier cities to bootstrap their PCED development.  SP owners will work with LHCs and MCs to test & validate technical requirements, business models and financial approaches. The solution will be re-evaluated and reshaped according to additional feedback from LHC, MCs and investors. WP5 will coordinate the process, providing guidance for implementation in LHCs and MCs, and guidelines to scale by design the SP.