The city will use its knowledge, built through other European PED projects (Cities4PEDs in Loudden Trans-PED in Hammarby Sjöstad), to organise workshops to exchange experiences with Lighthouse cities and Multiplier cities. In addition, Stockholm will leverage the consortium's expertise to decide which potential energy systems (SP1, 2, or 3) can be the best solution for the Loudden district to become a PCED. Stockholm will also be active in creating a city alliance in Sweden.

The city will test the following SPs:

  • SP1: open data platform with front-end input capabilities for citizens; district energy management systems; digital monitoring infrastructure; KPI Engine, 
  • SP2: new services and business models approach for energy communities; 

SP3: serial refurbishment; building energy management systems; new construction as NZEB; standard PV on roofs, self-consumption and storage in a local and regional grid;