Dolni Pocernice

Dolni Pocernice is in its second phase of development, led by Prague Development Company (PDS), a contributory organization. In 2028, the total area will cover 13 hectares, of which 4 of green spaces.

With ASCEND, Prague will test the following:

  • Smart neighbourhood(s),
  • Energy Master Plan, including PCED,
  • Energy communities;
  • Replication guidelines for new and existing Prague districts;
  • Heat demand will be reduced by 30% and electricity demand by 25%;
  • All heat and electricity energy needs are covered by renewable energy sources;
  • 15,000 m² of pedestrian roads.

The city will test the following SPs:

  • SP1: Smart Neighbourhood Concept & Data gathering and management, integrated concept with the Urban data platform, identification and evaluation of exploitable data-intensive use cases on the district level from the municipal perspective. 
  • SP2: Framework for integration of the housing into the Prague Renewable Energy Community and addresses the technological readiness, organisational management and ownership structure of the assets in the developed area; 
  • SP3: energy master plan and PED feasibility study for Dolni Pocernice including building energy standard definition - preference is given to passive solution decreasing the dependence of the users on sophisticated solutions -, central heating and cooling solution, seasonal storage, PV microgrid concept, a parametric study of different renewable energy sources deployment based on hourly simulation of the whole district (PV, heat pumps, CHP, storage). 
  • SP4: analysis of energy-related aspects of transport behaviour through participatory design. 
  • SP5: framing the target groups of tenants, defining model owner-tenant relation with regards to the different groups in the social mix covering energy behaviour, water consumption, and aspects of transport behaviour. 
  • SP6: Investment and operation plan for the macro-level, Replication guideline for new and existing Prague districts (built on Energy Master Plan process and Smart Neighbourhood Concept)

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