Recently, the Municipality of Alba Iulia presented the objectives of the ASCEND project at three different events, with a strong emphasis on the importance of energetically positive neighbourhoods for the green and sustainable development of cities. The events covered various strategies employed by the two lighthouse cities, Lyon and Munich, as well as the emphasis placed on locally implementing certain concepts in the area surrounding the "Dorin Pavel” High School. These concepts included improving building energy efficiency and developing common infrastructure, such as electric vehicle charging stations.

National Symposium "Contributions in the Activity of Innovation and Technological Transfer: Examples of Good Practices in the Central Region"

The first event, the national Symposium titled "Contributions in the Activity of Innovation and Technological Transfer: Examples of Good Practices in the Central Region", took place on 25 September and was hosted by "1 Decembrie 1918 University"  in Alba Iulia. More than 30 representatives from various organizations participated, including the Ministry of Innovation and Research, the National Agency for Energy Regulation, academic institutions (such as universities in Alba Iulia, Pitești, Timișoara, and UT Clausthal/Germany), energy producers and distributors (such as Electrica and Hidroelectrica), as well as private companies like Continental, Bosch Rexroth, STA Mercedes, StokRX, and Delphi Electric. During this event, participants shared and presented their recently implemented projects in the energy production and efficiency areas, offering valuable insights and examples of best practices in this field. 

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Energy Literacy for an Efficient and Sustainable Romania

The second event, titled "Energy Literacy for an Efficient and Sustainable Romania", was hosted by Ciugud City Hall on 29 September 2023. Its primary objective was to facilitate the exchange of best practices in energy efficiency projects. This event was organized in collaboration with Norsk Energy and the NGOs Freedom House, Cult Market Research, and "De-a Arhitectura". It brought together more than 35 participants from local public administrations and companies. During the event, the Municipality of Alba Iulia presented various examples of energy efficiency projects, including the initiatives of the ASCEND project.

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Fair of Solutions for Green Energy and Energy Efficiency

The third event was the "Fair of Solutions for Green Energy and Energy Efficiency" , organized by the Local Agency of Alba Energy. This event received support from the Alba County Council, the Central Regional Development Agency, and the Municipality of Alba Iulia and took place from 30 September to 1 October 2023. The event included a seminar focused on technical and financing solutions for energy efficiency projects, dedicated to local public administrations. Additionally, there was a fair showcasing energy efficiency solutions where nearly 30 companies presented their offerings, including thermal and photovoltaic solar panel systems, biomass solutions, lighting technologies, eco-mobility solutions, smart home innovations, and automation technologies. Held outdoors, the fair attracted a significant turnout, including both citizens and companies interested in renewable energy production and energy efficiency. Attendees had the opportunity to receive explanations and informative materials regarding the objectives and activities of the ASCEND project.

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