Lyon launches local council 3

On 14 September, more than 70 people gathered at Lyon Confluence to embark on an exciting journey of innovation. The occasion marked the launch of Lyon's local council called  Partenariat d'Innovations Confluence, or PIC, which means "Confluence Innovation Partnership". The PIC is a collective innovation initiative launched as part of ASCEND and run by SPL Lyon Confluence. 

The event kicked off with a dynamic plenary session to explain the context and introduce ASCEND, setting the stage for what promises to be an excellent platform to deploy innovation in Lyon Confluence and, ultimately, on a larger scale.

Participants then split into four breakout sessions, focusing on key areas: 

  1. Energy performance in both new and old buildings as well as existing ones, thanks to eco-retrofitting
  2. Decarbonised Mobility for people and goods, led by Baptiste
  3. Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Communities
  4. Innovative Public Spaces

These themes provide opportunities to share experiences and encourage the dissemination of urban innovations, by bringing together all the players involved in urban development: companies, property developers, clusters/investor federations, higher education and research entities.

And the journey has just begun: PIC is committed to hosting three workshops per group every year, adding up to an impressive 12 workshops annually, as well as reconvene every September for the next five years.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to