The landscape of energy production and consumption is undergoing profound transformation, thanks to technological advancements. 

Where there used to be a one-way relationship between energy producers and consumers, consumers have become prosumers, and the roles are more blurred. Empowered to take control of their energy production and usage, citizens are therefore becoming active players in addressing climate change. 

Against this backdrop, ASCEND aims to accelerate self-consumption systems within buildings of Positive Clean Energy Districts, PCEDs, underscoring the potential for citizens to not only be energy users but also energy generators. Moreover, through so-called “smart grids”, electricity and heating can be managed, predicted and anticipated in a sustainable and efficient manner. This approach opens the door to fostering localised production of renewable energy, such as through solar technologies. 

However, the positives do not end here. Innovative business models will be a natural byproduct in this shifting landscape, facilitating novel approaches to energy generation, distribution, and consumption.

ASCEND’s Solution Package 2 seeks to leverage energy communities and prosumers as essential components for the realisation of Positive Clean Energy Districts.