To align with the ambitious target of the European Green Deal – achieving climate neutrality by 2050 –  buildings must become highly energy-efficient. 

Strategies such as utilising bioresources, implementing natural ventilation systems, and foregoing active heating systems are key. Both through the refurbishment of old buildings, as well as the construction of new super-efficient buildings, ASCEND optimises housing and public facilities to meet energy efficiency targets and minimise buildings’ consumption. 

ASCEND’s impact is comprehensive, encompassing a range of building types from office to residences, social housing, and public facilities. A pivotal role in this transformation is played by incorporating renewable energy sources (RES), such as installing 1MWp photovoltaic panels on rooftops and integrating a 400kW biogas cogeneration plant, directly benefiting its tenants (Lyon).

ASCEND’s Solution Package 3 seeks to deploy energy-efficient buildings integrating RES, storage and frugal solutions.