Porte Ouest 

The district is a former industrial brownfield area that is currently in the process of re-urbanisation.

The district heating and cooling network, powered by waste heat, represents significant progress toward curbing GHG emissions in Europe, limiting the pollution from mined gas and reducing the use of other power sources for heating. Moreover, by 2028, the district will have 217 951 m² of new energy-efficient buildings.

The city will test the following SPs:

  • SP1: Digitisation, data management and monitoring to optimise energy flows and demand; 
  • SP2: study to create an energy community grouping together the present and future activities in the PCED area, identification of temporary and permanent marginal areas for PV installations to power the community; 
  • SP3: maximisation of each building PV production to supply energy community, connection of each building to the district heating and cooling network powered by waste heat, study on the potential of geothermal mining for inter-seasonal storage; 
  • SP4: promotion of soft mobility with new accesses, biking and pedestrian axes, development of shared e-vehicles in proximity to the city centre; 
  • SP5: continuous participatory process set-up in the masterplan framework; 
  • SP6: The inter-municipal company IGRETEC is responsible for the urban development of the area